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  • 12mg Juice N' Power 10ml E-Liquid (50VG/50PG)

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    Juice n' Power provide a wide range of incredible tasting, premium liquids for the discerning vaper. With vibrant flavours including fruits, fizzy candy, milkshakes and more, there is something for everyone. All of their e-liquids are manufactured in the UK using natural flavours and colouring.

    - Made in the UK

    - 12mg Nicotine Salt

    - 50VG/50PG

    - 10ml

    Rainbow Sweets:
    Discover the tantalizing taste explosion of the Rainbow Milkshake, infused with the sweetness of Skittles for a burst of playful fruitiness.

    Mango Medley:
    An explosive eruption of delicious sweet mangoes combined with luscious peaches sending powerful waves through your mouth.

    Shock Fizz:
    Feel the fun and explore new taste dimensions with Shock Fizz. Blast your tongue into hyperdrive with a rocking rainbow of fizzing fruity flavours

    Stawberry Lemonade Berry:
    Stawberry Lemonade Berry E-Juice This Perfect Pairing Will Quench your Thisrt & Tantalise your tast buds Leaving you with the uplifting Sense of Summer

    Caramel Milkshake:
    An Irresistible Indulgent blend of Tasty Caramel & Creamy Milkshake to give your mouth the sweetest most indulgent taste sensation

    Watermelon Mojito:
    A Perfect Concoction of Sweets Watermelon Fresh Zesty Lime & a Light touch of mint to electricy your tongue

    Melon Berries:
    A Flawless Combination of poerful, Ripe Melons & Eruptive Lashing of Freshly Juiced Wild Berries Generating a Flavour Some Vortex on your Palate.